The art of spreading Visions on the web.

Today there are a lot of opportunity for people who want to spread his art free on the web.

Today there is a huge series of opportunity to promote for free the self-taught art created by you. I am working on this self-promotion of my art since 2014 after I understood that the new form of art developed in 2013 doesn't be adapted anymore with the classic channel of the art-market. In my case, the problem was related to my particular concept of art. #immaterial arte - That doesn't have anymore a physical layer and is just pure immaterial art.

So, for that reason, I developed a self-promotion program of my art directly on the web, by using the free resources at disposition everywhere. 

Here will follow, with a series of practical examples a tour over this free resources.

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A path for change visual experience on art. - Flavio FASSIO - Medium

Sometimes happen to enter a new territories of art, if you are reading this post, you already walked into one of these territory called #immaterial arte. I discovered this new territory in the 2013, and year after year I have developed new contents around an idea, that let me dematerialized the physical object from almost everybody knows as "Quadro".

Up there is the - Medium - a self publish espace for share your art free.
Up there you can see TUMBLR another self publish espace for share your art free. 

In my research of new paths of art into the web, I used also other free space fro shared Blog like those following: 

Posts - Flavio Fassio - Virily


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Nel caso fossi curioso d'arte.

Ciao, dopo avere inventato una nuova tecnica, la Pittura di Trasformazione, ho realizzato il "Quadro Liquido" e sono partito con il progettare e ideare una nuova Opportunità Estetica, alla quale ho dato il nome di - #immateriale arte.
Usa il pulsante Condividi e seguimi sui vari Social dove la mia arte è presente. Qui sotto sono tutti elencati.

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